Training and Coaching 

I believe a customized program is better than a generic program. I  believe a coach is a trusted partner in your quest to be better. I believe all runners deserve the same personal attention and expert advice that the world’s best runners receive.

How do Custom Training Plans work?

Start by selecting your plan below. After checkout, we will send you a questionnaire which will uncover your current training and racing history as well as your goals We’ll do a complete evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a runner and we will evaluate your goals and determine how to best advance you toward them.

I then will design and build a fully customized program just for you. Using our proven, scientifically based system, your program will progressively guide you toward your end goal. Your plan will include any tune-up races as well as vacations, work, travel, injuries, etc... This truly is a fully personalized training plan. Not only will you train optimally and avoid the pitfalls that come with following a generic program, you’ll know you are doing the right training for you.

Once the design step is completed, your new program is emailed to or text to you. Then, you’re off and running toward your goals!


Select Your Goal
Mile - 1500m
Half Marathon
Full Marathon
HIgh School Cross Country & Track
Youth Training


$80 Private Sessions (one-on-one)
$140 Monthly Program via Text/ Email

How many weeks do you need?
(Ex. I need an 8-week plan or I need a 20-week plan packages)

Select Your Duration

4 weeks - $140.00
8 weeks - $280.00 - 10% = $230.00
12 weeks - $440.00 - 12% = $369.60
16 weeks - $560.00 - 15% = $476.00
20 weeks - $700.00 - 16% = $588.00





How long does it take to get my custom training plan?

It takes 7 days after we have a phone interview or consultation.

Can you incorporate my life, work, and travel schedule into my training plan?

Yes! That’s the key part of making the plan fully customized for you. From our phone consultation. I will learn your work, life, travel, race schedule and your plan will be built to sync with them.

For which race distances do you build custom plans?

We build custom plans for any distance from 800 meters to full marathon. I also build plans for runners who are in between race plans and want to maintain their fitness and prepare for their next race-specific training cycle.

Will I be coached throughout the program?

Yes. I will check in with you from time to time. Could possibly meet for a session or two depending where you live. If one does not understand training program feel free to contact me through by email or text.

I'm not a fast runner, is your program right for me?

You bet! I  work with runners at the back, middle and front of the pack. My only criteria is determination. If you are goal-oriented and determined to reach your goals then we’re here to help, no matter what your pace.

If I sign up for a training plan, what if something (illness, life stress, injury, pregnancy, etc.) comes up and I need to take a break from the training?

Should life get in the way and for whatever reason you are unable to complete the program you can always keep it and use it next time around. There are many examples of athletes who have had to cut a program short but then re-used it for their next training cycle and everything went great.

Do you coach triathletes?

Yes and no. I am happy to help multi-sport athletes with their running. However I  only help with your running. If you want a full program with all sports, then I  recommend you work with a multi-sport specific coach. We will, of course, schedule the training taking into account your other activities but feel I am not qualified to provide cycling and swimming workouts.


October 30, 2016 - School Ghoul Run

5k & 10k Rush Park Rossuor

November 6, 2016 - USATF Cross Country Championship

Crecenta Valley Park, California

November 19, 2016 - USA National Half Marathon

San Diego, California

November 24, 2016 - Dana Point 5k & 10k

Dana Point Habit, California

December 10, 2016 - USA Track & Field Club Cross Country Nationals.

Tallahassee, Florida